How will we ensure your product quality meets the FBA and Amazon customer expectations

Inspecting your products before they arrive in an Amazon warehouse is the only way you can maintain confidence that your products will be accepted both by Amazon and your customers. An FBA inspection by our China Quality Inspection and Control team checks all the essential areas of your product and packaging and ensures compliance where it is needed

Guided Imports FBA Inspection Services in China

Production Quantity Check:
Our inspectors will perform a quantity check to ensure your supplier delivers the exact quantity you both agreed on.

Product Specification Conformity:
We will inspect the products your supplier produced to ensure they match the precise specifications you agreed on before the production. In the event specifications are incorrect, your supplier will have the opportunity to correct their mistakes before your products are shipped to Amazon.

Field Use Tests:
Non-working and poor-quality products can severely damage an Amazon listing and brand. Our field tests allow you to gain confidence that your products will work as advertised, once they are in your customers’ hands.

Carton Dimensions Check:
Carton dimensions play a vital role in the storage and shipping costs associated with your Amazon products. Our inspectors will confirm the weights and sizes of your product packaging and export cartons.

Product Labeling and FBA Compliance Check:
Our inspectors will review your product packaging and labeling to ensure they meet Amazon FBA’s compliance requirements. Non-compliant products are a significant risk, leading to fines, seizures or rejections from Amazon, and customs. This check can save you from any of these risks.