1.How do I get started and what are all the steps?
1>. Just kindly email us your inquiry AT:
2>. You can also download our booking form from .  Fill it in and email it back to us. Inside you will see what info you should send to us for a better inspection.
3>. Eagle Eyes team will communicate with you promptly and contact your supplier to schedule the final inspection date.
4>. Clients arrange the inspection fee payment before inspection date and pay the relevant transfer fee outside China.
5>. Eagle Eyes inspectors/ auditors conduct the work and provide detailed and thorough report to you within 24hours after inspection.

2.Why most of the clients choose Factory Audit And Pre-Shipment Inspection service?
Factory Audit , helps you understand who you are dealing with. Factory background, legitimacy, capacity, QC system, certification etc are checked and presented in report. It helps you make final decision to work with the factory or not, and helps avoid scammer who disguises to be a legal identity.

Pre-shipment Inspection is a part of supply chain management, it is an important and reliable quality control method for verifying goods’ overall quality before you settle final payment.

To catch production problems early, you can use First Article inspection and During Production Inspection service.

3.How many days ahead should I place the booking? How long does it take to receive the report?
A completed booking form with relevant order details/ special inspection requirements is required to send to Eagle Eyes office at least 3 working days before the planned inspection date. The earlier you placed the booking, the better we could prepare and arrange the required inspection.

The detailed inspection report and photos are sent to you within the next 24 hours after inspection is done.

4.How to decide sample size and how to pick up the samples for inspection? How to do carton drop test?
You can visit pages of Inspection Standard & AQL Tables to decide the sample size, Sampling Standard to understand the sampling process, and Carton Drop Test Standard for drop test method.

5.When should I pay for an inspection? How can I pay for an inspection order? Do you offer monthly payment?
Usually confirmation and payment to our service 3 working days prior to the inspection date is appreciated.

You will receive the inspection fee invoice before inspection, it is payable by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Western Union etc.

For new and occasional clients, payment prior to the inspection date is always requested. For regular and VIP clients who use our inspections and have been working with us for an extended period of time, monthly payment will be discussed. Monthly invoice should be paid within 5 work days after the invoice is issued.

6.Who will approve or reject the shipment?
We inspect the shipment according to the international inspection standards and also according to your instructions, specifications and criteria. The inspection results are given to you by a thorough and illustrated report, which could help you decide whether to allow the shipment of your products. You can accept or reject your shipment to supplier. You are also welcome to address any questions you have in report.

7.How many days prior to loading/ shipment day is good to carry out pre-shipment inspection?  
Pre-shipment inspection is always conducted when the goods is 100% finished and at least 80% packed into master cartons (if there is more than one item, at least 80% of each item must be packed into master cartons) prior to inspector’s arrival.  It is set default as goods condition in inspection.

Some clients require pre-shipment inspection when the consignment is above 80% finished and 80% packed.

Some clients require pre-shipment inspection when the consignment is 100% finished and 100% packed.

It is suggested pre-shipment inspection should happen at least 2 days before loading/ shipment date, so clients have time to review the report and the issues found during the inspection can be remedied by factory before shipment. (We don’t suggest Pre-shipment Inspection and Container Loading Supervision happen during the same day)

And for 100% inspection, it is suggested to check all goods before package, as it will save much time and avoid the package damaging during the unpacking procedure.

8.What happens if the vendor does not provide the specified quantity you have ordered during pre-shipment inspection?
If the factory can not provide the right amount of finished products during pre-shipment inspection, the inspector will conduct During Production Inspection instead.

9.What if the lot quality fails inspection?
If the quality fails inspection, it is required that the supplier should rework the whole lot to fix the defectives instead of reworking the AQL sample sizes inspected only. It is recommended that client requires re-inspection after one failed inspection, so the factory’s correction of non-confirming issues can be justified. Re-inspection always happens a few days after the failed inspection date. Clients can discuss with suppliers about who should bear the re-inspection fee.

10.What happens if non-confirming goods are found when the shipment arrives?
It is extremely rare that non-conforming goods Or unexpected rates of defectives make it out of the suppliers after eagle eyes quality inspection. In the vast majority of cases, the root reasons turn out to be damage during shipping Or shipments were approved after a failed inspection and the buyers trust the supplier(who was likely supposed to rework the goods) enough to ship without having performed a re-inspection or a Defect Sorting Service.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to book re-inspection or defect sorting service after a failed inspection and to work with your shipping partners to ensure the product against damage in transit.

11.How can Eagle Eyes ensure anti-bribery?
Eagle Eyes Team work to eliminate our inspectors and employees from any kind of corruption.Our inspectors are experienced, responsible, independent and impartial. We always check with suppliers to know the behaviors of our inspectors at factory and listen to our clients. So after years working together, we should know when there is bad behavior about our inspectors, and we will take serious action if there was bad behavior. Additionally, all inspectors have to sign an anti-bribery contract with suppliers after every inspection, to prove that they have worked responsibly and ethically.

12.What are your Inspection Services Coverage?
Coastal provinces and Major manufacturing cities across China.

13.What are your Inspection goods ranges?
Softlines/ Hardlines/ Electrical & Electronics/ Machinery & Equipment etc.