Xuzhou Monopole Container Loading supervision

1.Packed cartons and radom products pics 2.Product view 3.Standard parts view 4.Board truck view 5.Empty container 6.Container number inside 7.Container number outside 8.Container loading 9.Half container 10.Standard parts load at the door 11.Closed the half door 12.Two doors closed 13.Container sealed

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8 inch Tablet Quality Control Inspection Service In China

1.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test 2.Basic function check (Functions on product specification work ) Logo and menu setting 4.Bar code Scan test 5.Charging test ( about : 3.5~4H ) 6.Discharging test ( about : 6~6.5H) 7.Battery voltage test 8.System version check 9.Memory and DDR check 10.Wi-Fi network check 11.Blue tooth function check 12.HI-Pot test 13.TF card and USB test 14.Adaptor 5V 2A loading test 15.AC 100V -240 V voltage…

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