The Main Steps In Conducting A Production PSI Inspection

What is PSI? Pre-shipment inspection refers to the inspection of products randomly selected by inspectors from all order lots for inspection after production has been completed at least 80%. This is your last chance to take corrective action before production is complete and packaging is complete. Pre-shipment inspection can effectively protect you from costly import risks. All tests were conducted in accordance with the internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO…

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Bike Light Set Final Inspection

1.Basic function test 2.Internal check 3.Battery charging check 4.Product endurance test 5.Tape check on silk- screen/painting/electroplate 6.Barcode Readability check 7.Waterproof test 8.Battery voltage test 9.Installation testing 10.Vibration test (lights mode not change automatically) 11.Low battery test( light should not flash when battery is to die)

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Solar Energy Radar Final QC

1.Basic function check (Functions on product specification work ) 2.Barcode Scan 3.Assembly check 4.Radar Standby/ Working current test 5.Battery voltage test 6.Solar panel charging voltage/ current test 7.Internal check

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