Anhui Hefei Used Excavator Inspection

PSI process for used Excavator;

1. The assembly parts, parts, accessories and auxiliary devices are complete and complete, and the installation is solid.
The travel of each operating lever and brake pedal conforms to the instructions, and the action is flexible and accurate.
Indeed, there shall be no oil pollution, water leakage, oil leakage, air leakage, and electricity leakage.
2. Metal components shall not be bent, deformed, welded or cracked; Shaft pin installation is reliable.The bolts are securely connected.
3. The indicator data of each instrument should be accurate.
4. The boom, bucket rod and bucket should not be deformed, cracked, welded and connected to the shaft pin.Lubricate well, pin should be fixed firmly.
5. The rotating platform should rotate smoothly, without blocking, impact, rotating gear meshing,
Good lubrication.
6. When the walking pedal is in a free state and the walking joystick is in a neutral position, go
The running brake should automatically be in the braking state.
7. The brake main pump, sub-pump and connecting pipeline should not leak oil.
Brake lock device, variable speed control lock device, bucket control device should work
8. Electrical lines and oil pipes are arranged neatly and firmly.
9. All kinds of lamps, instrument lights, horns, electronic control components, indicators, warning lights and alarm is fully equipped and effective.
10. The battery is clean and fixed firmly, the electrolyte level should be 10m~ 15mm higher than the plate, and the maintenance-free battery mark meets the regulations.
11. The torque converter should not be overheated when working, and the transmission power is stable and effective; filter Clean; All connection parts should be well sealed, there should be no oil leakage.
12. Transmission gear should be accurate, reliable positioning, and there should be no abnormal sound during work.
13. All parts of the gear mesh is good, smooth operation, there should be no abnormal sound.

Inspection Report

The report shows the situation at the inspection site. Check and verify that the goods meet the requirements of size, weight, packing and workmanship according to the information provided by customer. Work is good, function test is normal. After reading the report, customers can accurately judge whether the goods meet the requirements of the order.