Ningbo Sandwich Marker Check Service

PSI process for Sandwich Marker ;

Randomly Selected Samples:
Sampling inspection, also known as sampling inspection, is a statistical method that randomly selects a small number of products (samples) from a batch of products for inspection to determine whether the batch of products are qualified.

Product quality inspection;
Including checking product workmanship, whether there are defects, color, specifications, size lights, whether they meet customer order requirements.

Measured data(Product size,Outer Carton size)

Special tests for Sandwich Maker.

Packing check(color box,out cartons.)

Checking whether the package is fit for transport and meets customer requirements.

Inspection Report

The report shows the situation at the inspection site. Check and verify that the goods meet the requirements of size, weight, packing and workmanship according to the information provided by customer. Work is good, function test is normal. After reading the report, customers can accurately judge whether the goods meet the requirements of the order.