Weifang Storage Rack Supervision Service

Loading supervision is to ensure that goods are properly treated, to avoid rough handling, and to prevent lost goods. That is, to ensure that the goods are safely, accurately and properly loaded into the container. Supervision of loading, mainly staring at the workers, let them install well, do not barbaric operation. Of course, there is also the purpose of preventing the loss of goods, especially when the goods are small in size, high in value, and easy to steal.

Duties of loading supervisor:
The loading supervisor, as the name suggests, is the person who monitors the loading of goods, responsible for the supervision of the quantity, route, quality and other on-site problems of the shipment of goods!
The main job of the loading supervisor: to supervise the workers to put the goods in the correct order. To prevent the occurrence of lost goods, such as other company’s regulations.
Professional significance of loading supervisor: To avoid the incorrect placement of workers, resulting in damaged goods in the process of transportation can not be used.