Baby Diapers Quality Control Inspection Service In Quanzhou

Some common factors for baby diapers quality control: Appearance Quantity check Measurement Basic function test Products elastic function test Products diaper pads room temperature water absorbing volume capability test 3M tape test for Logo/printing Barcode scanning Carton dropping test MORE: Common products Inspected in our quanzhou quality control inspection service: Garment, Uniform, Toys, pajamas , Bra ,Shoes , Stone ,Bags, Sanitaryware ,Faucet, Umbrella, Tea, Cap , Auto parts , Diapers, Plastic packaging bags , Kitchenware/ Porcelain two way radios, sports bags, backpacks,  food, candy, plastic products, machinery, printing package, swimming suits,…

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Air Fryer Quality Control Inspection Service

1.Logo/Printing 3M Tape test 2.Rubbing test 3.Basic function check (Functions on product specification work ) 4.Barcode Scan 5.Stability check 6.Capacity test 7.HI-POT 8.Power parameters 9.Switch Test 10.Rotational speed test 11.Aging test 12.Thermal-link check 13.Power cord tension test 14.Timer check 15.Temperature control check 16.Internal checking 17.CDF check

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Shoe quality control inspection service

shoe quality control

Some common checking list for shoe quality control inspection service Packing, marking and labels Barcode check Inside of shoes quality checking Stitching checking Outside of shoes quality checking Outsole/ midsole/ bottom/ upper etc checking Size measuremment Size assortment Shoe last fitting check Logo 3M tape test Function test Smell test Bending check Bonding check Dry/ Wet rub test Shoes matching approval sample check

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Washing Machine Quality Control Inspection Service

1.Hi-Pot Test 2.Functional Test 3.Assembly Test 4.Barcode Scan Test 5.Temperature test 6.Aging test 7.Insulation Resistance Test 8.Ground continuity Test 9.Power consumption check 10.Pull test 11.Low Voltage Start Check 12.Rub test 13.Internal check 14.Stability test 15.Water leakage test 16.3M tape test 17.Timer check 18.Rotate speed test 19.Noise test

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Carton Dropping Test Sequence

The carton drop test sequence of packaged objects is as follows: a. Test the weakest corner, usually the corner of the carton joint (a). b. The shortest side of the adjacent test angle (angle a) c. The second long side of the adjacent test angle (angle a) d. The longest side of the adjacent test angle (angle a) e. One of the smallest surface f. The opposite smallest surface…

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