Lower shipping prices between China and the United States, The export of home appliances should seize the opportunity

Shipping rates between China and the US have fallen since the end of September. The latest Global-Baltic Container Freight Index (FBX) shows that the Asia-West America freight index has fallen to $17,377 per FEU from over $20,000 per FEU in early September. After freight rate appears to be adjusted, businessmen have to seize the time to ship. Some operators of Yiwu International Trade City said that only 30% of large customers kept placing orders when the freight was at its peak, but now the freight has come down, and the order volume has risen gradually from the lowest point to the present 50% increase.

Have industry commentators, shipping prices lower, China and the United States will also open another door for the Chinese electrical appliances exported to America, but due to shipping prices have been volatile, in September so in the price of shipping “fever” is likely to be just a temporary tuyere, Suggestions have export business related appliances manufacturers with the opportunity to cut the shipping cost, increase the shipments, Finish home appliance export order as soon as possible.